My name is Nydia O. Tapia-Gonzales. I am a journalist, aspiring poet, and artist enjoying the good life in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

This blog is my personal journal where I share life experiences, RV trips, poems, paintings, and even prayers.

I love to write about talented artists from the Rio Grande Valley.  I have no editor. Most of my posts are drafts and the result of the few minutes I manage to find between traveling and working and juggling a thousand things at a time, but this tells you I’m real.

 Posts are sometimes in Spanish, sometimes in English, and sometimes in Spanglish!

I am a bilingual freelance writer and am available to write engaging stories for businesses and organizations to promote their services.

In my Studio

Through La Vida Valle, individuals and organizations have an outlet to promote events at no cost. To submit your event information please click on the “Submit Your Event” tab, and I will post your information.

I welcome story ideas, news tips, suggestions and especially your feedback. Please contact me, Nydia O. Tapia-Gonzales at contact@nydiao.com

Last but not least, I invite you to live in a vacation state mind.

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