The best time to plant s not right now and yet here we are!

For seversl years back when I lived on the Mexican side of the border, I belonged to the local garden club. One thing that was dressed was to avoid planting anything during the summer. This was like a golden rule. Makes sense if we think about it. It is just too hot.

After the Winter storm the Valley experienced, many of us are still working on our yards and dealing with the aftermath especially dead plants. But isn’t it amazing how happy we get when we see a plant we thought dead flourish all of a sudden? When we see that tender new growth. It’s a great feeling!

You may think I’m being foolish but it gives me hope. Those new branches and blooms tell me there is strength in life and hope never dies.

After more than a year of stress and sorrow, there is hope. Even in this heat our lawns and gardens thrive. Just don’t forget to keep your plants hydrated.

Is it too hot to plant right now? It could be but nurseries are full even at 111 heat index. Just came back from one and I can attest to that.

I think it is partly due to that feeling of hope. The feeling that life has a way of passing albeit leaving some behind. The idea of perseverance and resilience is inspiring. Roses, gardenias, crape myrtles, lantana, plumbagos all in bloom dressed to bring us joy.

It might not be the ideal time to work on a garden, but it is always time to plant hope for the future. It is always a good time to plant faith in humanity.

This is not a paid advertisement nor did I receive any perks, discounts or gifts, but the nursery’s name seems to portray what I’m feeling even better.

The name is Tree of Life.

Let’s keep cherishing life and hope for the future.

Crape Myrtles