Come Dream Come Build is a private, 501 (c) non-profit community housing development organization founded in 1974. I am a proud board of directors member since 2017 and can attest to their professionalism but most important is their mission and drive to help the communities of the Rio Grande Valley. CDCB provides safe, sanitary affordable housing to the citizens of South Texas, and is now one of the largest non-profit producers of single-family housing for homeownership in Texas.

CDCB partnered with local and national organizations to develop and manage the Caracara Trails, a vision that is built upon the Lower Rio Grande Valley Active Transportation and Tourism Plan for a 428-mile hiking, biking and paddling trail network.

They are seeking a service provider to develop the CCT website on a secure platform/ upload multi-media content and data to the new site with an assured serve level, support in in continued website maintenance, hosting, and SEO / Marketing.

Here is a link to the RFQ PDF document.

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