A day trip to Nuevo Progreso Mexico never gets old. Just a short walk across the Progreso bridge south of Weslaco disconnects me from routine. My husband and I prefer to visit during the week to avoid the crowds, but with December come “Winter Texans” (retirees seeking out warm weather during the winter months) and the town becomes a happening place all the time.

Why does spellcheck keep changing Progreso to Progresso? I’m annoyed. Please note that in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas we have a town named Progreso and the town of Nuevo (New) Progreso on the Mexican side. Locally here in El Valle, the town on the Mexican side is also known as Las Flores. Progreso is the name most commonly used to refer to this town.The Rio Grande River as seen from the Progreso bridge. The border wall can be seen in the distance.Lots of interesting home decor items.Cicatricure body and face lotions.

There are so many things I love about Nuevo Progreso but here is a list of those I enjoy the most.

1-     The loud music and good music. You can’t escape it. Loud music from boomboxes is heard basically everywhere along the main shopping street. If what’s playing is good, it certainly makes it fun. Yes, I know that everyone has a different opinion of what good music is, so what is good to me might not be to your liking. Just enjoy and be happy watching people walking and dancing with a beer or tequila shot in hand.  Live music can be found inside some food venues like Rene’s, El Disco, the Red Snapper, Arturo’s. Those are some of our favorite hangouts.

2-     The shopping. Every time I visit, I find something new. Clothing, arts and crafts, décor items, jewelry, liquor, pottery and so much more. I love the cosmetics too and the lotions. I highly recommend Cicatricure products which are also found on the US side but at a higher price and less inventory. Their skin-firming body lotion and “snake serum“ face lotion are my favorites. The selection of Mexican candy, packaged cookies, snacks, spiced peanuts and the many varieties of nuts and seeds is incredible. People love the “chimeneas” I do too and the blankets. So many things and I don’t have the space to list. You are going to have to go and visit soon.

3-     My dentist Juan Alonzo Perez. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry. He is a young man from Aguascalientes, Mexico. His office is equipped with the latest products and he keeps up with industry developments. I also recommend Dr. Bonifacio Hernandez Lopez of Hernandez Dental Clinic.  Dr. Eva Lilia Garcia Cantu is a good general practitioner.

4-     The party starts early. Most venues open at 8 AM, including the bars. Progreso is for dancing the morning away. Most bars stay busy up until 6 PM and then the crows thin and by 8 the establishments are closed.

5-     Hospitality.  The waiters and bartenders and overall staff are friendly and very good. At Rene’s, I’ve noticed how our waiter keeps an eye on us and as soon as he sees me look around, he immediately approaches the table asking if I need anything. Never fails.  Progreso has what I call professional wait staff and I love it. They know their trade.

6-     The shoe shiners. There are plenty. I usually wear shoes that need a shine or take a bag with boots and more shoes that need shining. It is good and affordable. I have never had a bad experience and I usually go to those that are located just outside El Disco store.

7- This point should probably be at the beginning of the post because it relates to security. I have to say I like Nuevo Progeso’s casual atmosphere. I always feel safe. We sometimes walk across and at other times we go across in the car. We get it washed too! A good man washes it while we visit the dentist. He is located in the parking lot across from Dr. Juan Alonzo Perez practice.

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