The dog days of Summer are slow and sometimes unbearable. A splash in the swimming pool is undesirably lukewarm. But we make the best of it because we like the slower pace. During a weekend in July of 2018, we decided to revisit those interesting foodie spots we like.

On Friday, my husband drove us to Brownsville to find one of our favorite eateries; La Siberia. La Siberia in Brownsville is not owned by the same people who manage La Siberia in McAllen.  Brownsville’s La Siberia opened as a great place for chicken soup and enchiladas a long time ago across the border in Matamoros, Mexico.  Like so many other eateries, La Siberia moved to the US side when visitor numbers significantly declined.

Their specialty is the Tostada de Pechuga de Pollo (Chicken breast tostada – crisp corn tortilla). The tostada is green because it is made of vegetables. It is spread with delicious guacamole topped with shredded chicken breast and another large green and crunchy tortilla on the top. Not pictured. Sort of like a crispy tortilla sandwich. I love the agua fresca de Jamaica and the cueritos salad which is shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions, avocados and thin strips of pickled pork skins. Delicioso!! I hear their tortas are very good too but I usually stick with my “can’t go wrong” favorites.

Another reason for our short trip to Brownsville is to stop by Senora Norma to pick up two dozen of her artisan Veracruz style tamales. Perfect for dinner and Saturday breakfast. These tamales take even longer to prepare because they are wrapped in banana leaves which are much larger than corn leaves. These have to be cut into the right size and precooked to soften. The flavor is certainly different; a bit sweeter. At home, we just peel the leaves out, prepare a simple side salad and add plenty of guacamole sauce. Sabroso!

For lunch, on Saturday we headed to a local seafood market. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know if it has a name other than the seafood market. If you are even a bit squeamish, you might not like this place because of its strong fresh seafood odor. The place is clean and cool. It serves a buffet some days for $10.99. Not sure which days. They don’t have a website and don’t even have a full sign, but you will find it at 2180 US-77 BUS, in San Benito or call them at (956) 276-9517. The place sells fresh seafood, hence the name seafood market, and their food is very good. The setting could not be more casual and picturesque. It is a hole in the wall type of place worthy of a foodie review. Hmmm, I am going to have to write a Trip Advisor review for those adventurous foodies.

Finally, on Sunday, we drove back to Brownsville to visit Pitti’s Pizza for their Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp Scampi. We like Pitti’s Pizza because they make everything fresh and patrons can bring wine, beer or liquor. The place has a great atmosphere and friendly service. I highly recommend their specialty pizzas.

Sundays are not complete without ice cream sundaes! Our favorite retro stop is The Scoop in Harlingen. It is housed in the old Hygeia building. Few things have changed according to my husband. They still have the round corner booth and the ice cream bar. Just delicious nostalgia.

These are just a minute fraction of the places we keep going back to for that special Valley experience. Being a foodie is easy here.  These homey, down to earth places with people like Senora Norma who make our lives more flavorful…and excruciatingly hard, for watching our weight is simply… excruciating!

NOTE: This story is based on my personal experience and I do not receive any monetary compensation or a free meal in exchange.