Unfortunately, this business is now closed.

My family and I had dinner at El Santuario last night. It is a different taco experience. The place is housed in what many moons ago used to be the Brownsville KOA. It has a high pitched roof sort of like the one the Whataburgers of yesteryear had. Even with the white and orange bars. A bit faded but still visible. Inside, it is a bit contemporary and clean with some Catrina inspired decor.  The restaurant is on the southbound frontage road in Olmito, Texas.

They have a full bar and I hear it is slowly becoming popular for Happy Hour and private events. The menu consists of appetizers and tacos and not much more. The taco selections are different than the regular tacos found at taquerias across the Valley. They offer quail tacos, pork al pastor, brisket, bistek, alligator, duck, ribeye and more. For an appetizer, we ordered the corn as seen in the photo on this post. It is served on a mesquite tray on a bed of chipotle sauce sprinkled with “queso fresco” and cilantro. The corn tortillas are pretty cool. You have a choice of black bean corn, chile de color corn, spinach corn, and blue corn. The presentation is great!

Do not expect any charro beans or rice or a salad or chips or salsa. I think of the place as a stop for a drink with some appetizers, but not for a full meal. I was still hungry and I did not feel like ordering another taco! I needed a side of something. But it was an overall good experience.

This is not a paid editorial just my personal experience.

From left; Sirloin taco, pork al pastor dripping is
good sauce and bistek taco. Notice in the back
that we finished the roasted corn appetizer!