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September 10, 2013

Dining Out in South Padre Island


Visiting South Padre Island is always a pleasant experience especially when the summer’s rush of visitors is over, and the restaurant lines are shorter.

Two new restaurants are the talk of the town these days; Liam’s Steakhouse & Oyster Bar and BurgerFi. Both are unique in their own way.

Liam’s Steakhouse  & Oyster Bar is cozy and casually elegant; great for a relaxing evening. The menu includes a combination of surf and turf items at fairly reasonable prices. The Chicken Rosemary, the flounder and rib eye steak were all good.  I’ve heard some comments about its service being slow. It was a bit slow when we were there, but nothing to be upset about since the place was full. It was understandable. The waiter, dressed in black trousers, vest and tie was cordial and efficient.

There are always circumstances beyond anybody’s control such as the howling of children especially during the summer  due to vacationing families . The place was not full of children, but there were a few and I certainly do not mind them – my husband does.  I did notice a couple sitting at the bar with a bottle of red wine romantically glancing at each other amidst the bustling conversations and children’s happy shrieking.  They didn’t seem to care.  We did not pay too much attention either, for we were enjoying the company and conversation. 


BurgerFi was a great experience for it’s the first time I see a bunless hamburger, for you can substitute the bun for lettuce leaves – so nice because you feel less guilty when devouring the delicious French fries and huge onion rings. Prices are very reasonable – my NY hotdog was less than 4 dollars. They have beer and wine which is always nice when out on the evening after a full day in the sun.  They have a great deck for outside dining – the décor is contemporary modern with wood and steel accents and hues of bright lime green.  No friendly waiters here, but plenty of customer friendly staff, and you have to approach the counter to place your order and when ready, you have to get up and pick it up.  I hear the place is open until early in the morning, for those sobering up from bar crawling.   


Both great places according to this amateur restaurant critic. Your knowledgeable input is always welcome.

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