July 2, 2013

The Roads to a Dream

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Written by: Nydia O
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I had the opportunity of visiting with Julian Alvarez of the Rio Grande Valley Partnership this week to discuss several projects the partnership has going for this month. The Partnership, along with the Alliance for I-69 Texas, is organizing the historic unveiling of the I-69C, I-2 and I-69E plaques marking the beginning of future economic opportunities for the Rio Grande Valley.

Julian proudly showed me the plaque in which Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson wrote: “I-69 Alliance – we did it together.” According to an article written by the Rio Grande Guardian, U.S. 83 from Harlingen to Mission is going to be designated I-2 because the 47-mile stretch of road is up to interstate quality. At the same time, U.S. 77 from Brownsville to Raymondville will be designated I-69 East, and U.S. 281 from Pharr to Edinburg will be designated I-69 Central. Confirmation of the names was made by Victor M. Mendez, administrator in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration.

When finally complete, I-69 will run from the Rio Grande Valley all the way north to Port Huron, Michigan, next to the Canadian border. This project will have a greater impact when we consider the new super highway built in Mexico connecting the Pacific Coast of Mazatlan with the border towns of Reynosa and Matamoros, Mexico, known as the Corredor Interoceanico of which I will write about in the near future because it is the perfect compliment for the I-69 project.

Asked where else the I-69 signage had gone up in Texas, Judge John Thompson, Chairman of the Alliance for I-69 Texas, said the first stretch of I-69 was unveiled in Robstown. Since then two small sections have been unveiled in Houston with a third on the way. I-69 signs were also now on display in Texarkana, he said. According to this article, Thompson is proud of the cooperative nature of Valley leaders, and those who are no longer with us, but who championed this project; Bill Summers and Col. Bill Card.

The public is invited to attend two unveiling ceremonies on Monday, July 15, 2013 as scheduled:

9:30 A.M at the Texas Travel Information Center in Harlingen, Texas.

10:30 A.M. at the N.E. Corner of US 83/281 in Pharr, Texas.

Many State officials and dignitaries will be present, and  the I-69 Alliance, the Partnership’s board of directors, staff and Julian  are preparing to welcome hundreds of people to these events.  Don’t miss this opportunity to partake in the celebration.  Congratulations!

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