January 24, 2014

Aeromar Soars in McAllen, Texas

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Written by: Nydia O
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Aeromar jet

The empty white wall behind the ticket counter for Aeromar Airlines at the McAllen-Miller International Airport seemed eager to flaunt a bright neon light bearing the company’s blue and white logo, but it will have to wait just a few more days. Excitement was in the air, along with a tad of nervousness for the plane was late coming from San Luis Potosi, it was delayed due to custom inspections. The nervousness grew even among us passengers who eagerly waited to be on the first flight from McAllen, Texas, to San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Eventually, the plane arrived, and we cleared security without incident. With a fast, eager pace, we walked down to the tarmac to climb up the steps of the new ATR 42 turboprop aircraft. Flight attendant Pilar Reyes welcomed us, and went through the usual safety procedure presentation.

The passenger cabin had ample room for Reyes and the beverage cart, and the navy blue ergonomic leather seats were comfortable. I wondered if this was going to be a smooth ride, for the propellers somewhat intimidated me. But as it turns out, the flight was not much different from flying a non-propeller jet. We lifted off the runway and flew amidst the clouds at 20,000 feet. As soon as we were allowed to use electronic devices, Reyes offered us soft drinks, beer, Tequila, Whiskey and Rum. I asked her if drinks were complimentary, and she replied smiling; “you already paid for them with your flight.”

Aeromar is a reputable and well-established Mexican airline operating different destinations within the country of Mexico. Today, the airline performs over 100 domestic and international operations. San Luis Potosi was their first international port of entry with flights connecting it with San Antonio, Texas. “These flights were on and off, and never permanent, but we have found a great new partner in the City of McAllen; we are committed to making our presence a permanent one here,” stated the company’s National Sales Director Jaime Sacal.  Aeromar began operating out of the McAllen Airport in March of 2013, with nonstop flights to Mexico City. Having served over 7,600 people in less than a year, the airline is ready for a second destination:  San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

The Crew

Pilar Reyes

After visits and talks with several valley cities and state leaders, Aeromar decided the City of McAllen was its best fit. People from San Luis Potosi, have visited McAllen and the valley for decades, mostly via ground transportation. The management at Aeromar believe it is time to introduce a second option, for they see potential partnerships and opportunities in the trade, education, health and tourism industries. But they are being cautious, for Sacal said they seek a steady growth. Cost is always a concern for travelers, and Aeromar plans to offer accessible net rates to valley travel agencies and hotels who are interested in partnering with them. They have established an office inside the McAllen airport, and service providers may contact Sacal at their Mexico City office.

San Luis Potosi’s Tourism Minister, Lic. Enrique Abud Dip, has been a loyal supporter of Aeromar’s past and present ventures, and he could not be happier. During a recent interview for VBR he talked about the cultural richness of his state, its beautiful waterfalls, and strategic location. He stated his office is committed to support the valley’s promotional efforts among the people of his state, for he desires to establish a working partnership with the Rio Grande Valley. “The valley has grown and changed, and we see it as the most affordable destination in the State of Texas,” concluded Abud.

As the plane got closer to San Luis Potosi, Mexico’s eastern mountain range became visible through the breaks in the clouds as if flanking our way into this colonial city which recently celebrated the 421stanniversary of its founding. As soon as the plane hit the runway, and approached the terminal, I noticed three fire trucks lined up, and firemen waving as they joyfully showered the airplane with water. Aeromar: The executive airline of Mexico, had just arrived on its inaugural flight from McAllen, Texas. We got off the plane to the tarmac and made our way into the terminal; a modern building with clean lines and easy access. Because we were on the only international flight arriving at the time, clearing immigration was a breeze.  I grabbed my suitcases, and headed out the door. San Luis Potosi, Mexico, has never felt any better.

San Luis Potosi Airport

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This article was published in the Valley Business Report December 2013 issue.

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