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April 17, 2012

Holga 15

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Written by: Nydia O
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Andrew Moncada- artist

Andrew Moncada

Young and upcoming artists and students of the University of Texas in Brownsville never cease to amaze me; a satisfying reassurance of the immense talent found in our communities. Such is the case of Andrew Moncada; a senior art major specializing as an interdisciplinary artist.  Having met Andrew during a sculpture exhibit held on campus, I was very pleasantly surprised to see his new photography exhibit currently on display at the Arnulfo L. Oliveira Library.

This is no ordinary photo exhibit; Andrew used several unique Holga cameras to complete three different series: the Circus Series, the Sabal Palm Sanctuary Series and the Carnival Series. These are traditional analog black and white photographs that were processed and developed at the university. What struck me the most was his use of a technique known as long-exposure, which captures light forms with intricate detail best represented in Andrew’s carnival series.

After graduation, Andrew plans to move to Austin, Texas and seek a master’s degree in architecture.  I asked Andrew what is he taking from our beloved Rio Grande Valley with him to Austin and he replied; “As far as leaving for Austin, I will most take the relaxing nature found here in the RGV; trying not to overwork myself but enjoying time for friends & family.”  I also asked him what, in his opinion, sets him apart from other non-valley artists to which he replied; “I think what might set me apart from other artists  is my eight years of experience working professionally in the architecture field here in the RGV.”

From sculpture, to architecture, and photography, Andrew has begun his life’s journey. With his boyish grin, his dedication and hard work, in addition to his tremendous talent, he is ready to tackle the world. His talent will surely help him succeed and contribute to the world of the arts, but most important, he will be another ambassador of the Rio Grande Valley that will make us proud.

Exhibit Hours: 8am-5pm    April 11 – April 30, 2012

Sabal Palm Sanctuary Series

Carnival Series

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