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October 5, 2013

Cody Schibi’s Surreal Exhibit

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The staff and volunteers of the Harlingen Arts & Heritage Museum put on a great reception to welcome Harlingen native Cody Schibi.  “Something in the Water” is Cody’s first solo exhibit, and he was thrilled that it was in the town where he grew up, and in the company of friends and family.  “I love coming home and hanging out with my parents,” said the energetic Cody.  As Cody’s parents, David and Kerry Schibi welcomed friends, Lance, Cody’s twin brother, received great compliments for “his” work; all in good fun. 

Something in the Water is about Hallow End; an isolated place where strange occurrences started happening. What first began with what seemed to be small birth defects turned into questions and confusion when both adults (both young and old) began showing signs of odd behaviors and “transformations.”

Museum staff, dressed as Hallow End’s inhabitants,  invited guests to try some of their water….. No, nothing happened, nobody developed any grotesque features, but some did win signed copies of Cody’s original work.


Cody also provided cards with sketches of four inhabitants of Hallow End in need of a head. He asked guests to take their time or quickly sketch out a head and tack the card to a designated area to help create the townsfolk of Hallow End and be a part of the show.

Cody, who has partaken in several group exhibits in Austin, says he currently designs covers for rock bands and local venues, and is an active participant of graffiti-inspired Art Slams happening bi-monthly in San Antonio, Texas.

Cody Schibi and show participants





At this time, Cody and his twin brother Lance, are creating a comic book titled Bullmoose – check it out at


You can follow Cody on Twitter @CodySchibi and tag comments with the official #somethinginthewaterexhibit hashtag. Or visit where you can buy unique t-shirts, posters and Cody’s art prints.

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