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Friendly Competition

The fruit stands along North Expressway 77 have seen their share of ups and downs due to progress and the inevitable passing of time. These fruit stands are the “last chance” stop for visitors to the Rio Grande Valley headi...
by Nydia O

Sabbath dinner

We are not Islands

A common trick our mind plays on us involves the use of negative thoughts. Hopelessness, loneliness, low self esteem, helplessness… we know this game, for most of us have experienced low points in our lives. I usually refer t...
by Nydia O


Kenny Salazar Photography

I met Kenny Salazar through the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival where he volunteers as communications director handling all social media and website related issues. Our Valley is blessed with abundant wildlife, and Kenny’s...
by Nydia O



Tidbits with my Jewish Friends in Brownsville, Texas.

One of the reasons most of us wake up in the morning is to make a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes this goal leads us to amazing places, and gets us closer to the people of our community. I met Mrs. Rachel Torres s...
by La Vida Valle

Corpus Museum

A Romantic Getaway Very Close to Home

There are countless reasons to visit Corpus Christi, Texas but not enough space to write about all of them, so I will start by recommending  a romantic weekend getaway. Our daily routine, and the stress of juggling family and ...
by Nydia O