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August 3, 2016

Thoughts before a Yard Sale


I guess it has to do with growing older, but recently there is a bible verse that resonates every time i think of organizing a yard sale or selling my clothes online or at a consignment shop.

New American Standard Bible 

‘When you reap the harvest of your land, moreover, you shall not reap to the very corners of your field nor gather the gleaning of your harvest; you are to leave them for the needy and the alien. I am the LORD your God.’”                                                Leviticus 23:22 

I think of all those who cannot go on shopping sprees like the one i  engaged in when acquiring so much stuff! Discerning this message led me to seek a simpler life, and think less about shopping and more about contributing to humanity.  How can i be a better Christian? Once i read from Dr. Wayne Dyer that the more we accumulate, the more time we will have to spend cleaning and arranging our possessions. Time that can be spent in a way that edifies us.

I remember the times when i could not comprehend my elders stating they didn’t need anything and were not interested in going shopping. I could not understand how it was possible that my children’s grandparents would prefer to be with them at home than to go out on a shopping spree, or to a nice restaurant. Since the birth of my granddaughter last year, my priorities have changed, and nothing comes before time spent with her. Ah the pleasures of getting older and searching for the true meaning of life! :)

What i am saying may sound easy and meaningless, but i invite you to try it. The first time i decided to donate all the clothes i took out of the closet after a thorough Spring cleaning, i had to force myself not to be tempted by “you can make money out of these if you sell them online”  thoughts. It is tempting, for we always need something new; or so we think. With time, the effort has eased, and so has the urge to constantly shop. Life has gotten more peaceful.

It is always amazing how the bible is so relevant today even when produced so many years ago. The word alien in this case, and all the meaning it holds in this day and age when we are tempted to judge and even hate aliens from other countries that dare come to our own seeking a better life – seeking to stay alive in most cases. And i find myself here wanting to get some money out of my old stuff only to go out and spend it again in even more stuff!

Today, i commit to giving away “the corners of my field” and think of ways i can help others including with prayer- i commit to focusing less on me and more on the needs of others. I invite you to reflect and consider doing the same. It is rejuvenating!

Sometimes, garage / yard sales are organized for a good cause and to raise money for local non-profits like the case in Cairo, Nebraska – benefiting the Boys Scouts – where the cartoon for this story came from. Let’s always look for ways to help the “the needy and the alien” in our everyday lives. I can almost say that we may believe we are doing it for others, but we are actually doing it for ourselves.

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