We have all hosted new visitors to the Valley at one time or another. We all know when this happens we select what we consider the best places to eat and have fun. Visitors love to have the “inside scoop” and that is why travel sites like Tripadvisor are thriving.

One of the reasons Tripadvisor is gaining so much popularity is because of people’s comments and recommendations which help travelers plan an enjoyable trip. Especially when they don’t know anybody at the place they are visiting. We can all help visitors to the Rio Grande Valley have a great experience in our area by posting accurate and fair reviews of local restaurants and attractions. We can all be promoters of our unique region.

Keep in mind that the number one rule of destination management is never to deceive, for once people realize your promotions are false, they will never consider your destination ever again. And we certainly do not want that to happen. A destination can be a city, a restaurant, a park and even a business.

Now let us review this month’s top three restaurants by city according to Tripadvisor contributors. I don’t know about you, but I was a bit surprised about the top choice for McAllen, Texas.

South Padre Island

South Padre Island


1- Madeira

2- Buddy’s Barbecue

3- Mariscos de la Rosa


1- The Pizzeria

2- New York Deli 2

3- La Playa


1- Yummies Bistro

2- Beachside Bar and Grill at the Pearl Resort

3- Gabriella’s Italian Grill and Pizzeria


1- Nana’s Taqueria

2- Pete’s Mesquite Grill

3- The Blue Onion


1- Delia’s Tamales

2- House Wine & Bistro

3- Frida’s Grill and Cantina

Delia’s tamales is one of my favorite restaurants, and has been the top restaurant in McAllen for a couple of years.  The list has changed slightly since the last time I posted a similar one in 2013. McAllen’s list remained the same, while Brownsville’s changed a bit. Do you have an all time favorite Valley restaurant?

Featured photograph is from Madeira Restaurant in Brownsville, Texas.


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