It had been a good number of years since I’ve visited the original Lotus of Brownsville located at 905 N. Expressway.  Nothing has changed; they still offer a great Menu selection with a variety of classic Chinese dishes.

The service was friendly and helpful, and everything was as good as expected. My family ordered different dishes such as Shrimp Vegetable, Almond Chicken, Chicken with Broccoli and Mushrooms, Chicken with Bean Sprout and Sweet and Sour soup, all got rave reviews. Me, on the other hand, ordered the steamed chicken and shrimp which was a bit bland, the shrimp was overcooked, doughy and accompanied with white rice, it was pretty much flavorless even after I poured half a bottle of soy sauce over it.

Overall it was a good experience, the place has good acoustics for a quiet atmosphere, it is clean

Lotus Restaurant

and the prices are fair. I paid $17.30 for a cup of Sweet and Sour Soup, Steamed Chicken & Shrimp with white rice, hot Jasmine tea and 15% tip.

Lotus Restaurant

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