Hop Tung Restaurant

HOP TUNG Restaurant   is a great place to find the traditional Vietnamese soup called “Pho” as well as all the popular Chinese delicacies. Their menu is very extensive and affordable; it includes items such as Egg Noodle Soups, Vietnamese Rice Plates, Banh Hoi and Vermicelli Bowls among numerous savory choices of beef, chicken and seafood dishes. Beer and Wine are available plus their very popular Bubble Teas.

The place is always clean, the service is friendly, and the food is served on time. From the restaurant’s unpretentious façade and décor, few can imagine the good food that is prepared inside.

When ordering Pho, you will be served a side dish of condiments including cilantro, basil, bean sprouts, jalapeno pepper slices and lime, add some Spiracha Hot Chili Sauce, some Soy Sauce and you have your very own personalized Pho. That is one of the main reasons Pho is so much fun to eat; you spice and garnish until you create the perfect Pho for  your palate, but be careful at first, go easy with spices, you don’t want to ruin your entire meal.

Available choices for Pho are; steak, meat balls, chicken, shrimp, seafood and brisket; a delectable bowl of steak Pho is $6.95, it is filling and very satisfying.

Note: It is always good to read reviews about other people’s experience on different restaurants but there is nothing like the feeling of exploring on your own, to arrive with an open mind and with your senses in a receptive mode. Bon Appetit! Or should I say….Provecho!?

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Hop Tung Restaurant

4200 N. 10th  - McAllen, Texas –  (956) 688-5888

Vietnamese Pho

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