As soon as we start feeling the effects of the first cool front we can’t help but crave hot cocoa and some delicious tamales. Thanks to Delia’s Tamales we don’t have to wait for the Christmas holidays to enjoy these ancient culinary delicacies all year long.

The best thing about Delia’s is that they focus on making the best tamales, that’s all; no especial sides or embellishments, just good tamales. Sold by the dozen and half dozen, patrons can choose from Regular or Specialty Tamales.

Regular tamales include those stuffed with pork, chicken, beans, beef, spicy chicken and more. The Specialty tamales include bean and cheese, cream cheese and jalapenos, chicken with cheese, pork in green sauce, sweet tamales and other savory choices.

The price for the regular dozen is $6.49, half a dozen sells for $3.59 and the specialty dozen varies from $6.89 to $8.99 with half dozen averaging $4.50.

If you eat at Delia’s you can accompany your tamales with fresh cut lettuce, sliced tomatoes and the most delicious salsa you can find in the area.  Menudo soup is served Saturday and Sundays when Delia’s has a cook hand making corn tortillas; the smell is simply enticing. Chopped jalapeno peppers and white onions are the perfect ingredients to compliment a menudo soup and you will find those at Delia’s salad bar.

If you carry out your tamales, make sure you don’t forget the salsa, also, if you are looking for new ways to eat them, try putting them on an oven safe dish, remove the leaves, line them up and cover them with your favorite cheese and bake for a short time. They are a great holiday party favorite dish; don’t forget to place your orders early.

Delia’s also sells the very delicious Veracruzano Tamales, these are wrapped in banana leaves stuffed with spicy chicken and or pork. These tamales are much larger, usually one will fill you up.

Delia’s has five locations in the Rio Grande Valley:

4800 S. 23rd St. 5 – McAllen, Texas – (956) 630-3502

825 W. Ferguson – Pharr, Texas – (956) 783-7799

3012 N. Closner – Edinburg, Texas – (956) 380-2700

800 W. Griffin Pkwy – Mission, Texas – (956) 584-5800

106 W. Nolana – San Juan, Texas – (956) 961-4565

It has always been said that it takes much more time to make a tamal than to eat it.  There is so much history and tradition in the making of tamales dating back to the fifteen hundreds! If you would like to read more about this age-old tradition, please log on to the following website.

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