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November 25, 2013

A Spanglish Poem About Valley Car Dealerships


It has been 5 years since I wrote this Spanglish poem! Unbelievable.

I just love all the Spanish slogans our local dealerships use. They are so creative and they stick and most have become a part of el Valle’s lingo.


El Valle Cars

If lo que tu quieres is to buy a car

Visit the folks who are buena gente.

Or dale gas and shop around

Maybe a young brunette will help you out.

Regardless, it is better here

and nowhere else,

For la nana will not settle for less


                                                                               That’s so  RGValley





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Nydia O
La Vida Valle is where I write about "la vida" my life in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. I write about the food, the culture, the good times and the bad. I write about the people who make El Valle festive and laid back at the same time. Contributions and comments are always welcome .

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