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April 30, 2012

Young Film Entrepreneurs

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Written by: Nydia O
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Michael Hartley, Maritza Hamill and Emmanuel Marquez teamed up this past weekend to participate in the 24 Hour Film Dash organized by CineSol Film Festival.

Maritza is not only a good looking woman, she loves to write, and is also the owner of Ritzmill Enterprises. Emmanuel, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in film from Full Sail University in Florida, is now working at a local production company, while Michael Hartley is the owner at Centurion Production in McAllen, Texas.

Maritza wrote the script and did the makeup, while all three worked together in art direction and camera work. “We are a very well rounded team and this was a fun challenge” said Emmanuel who is planning to relocate to Los Angeles very soon. They all hope they can give it another try during the Labor Day Weekend 36 Hour Film Race, but it will all depend on Emmanuel’s schedule.

The team submitted their short film titled Ben, I wish them the very best.  CineSol will be hosting the awards ceremony this coming Saturday may 5th, at Cine El Rey of McAllen, Texas.

For additional information please look for CineSol on Facebook or by logging on to

The largest team of the 24 Hour Dash, had the youngest actors;  all students of StarOn!! Acting academy of McAllen, Texas.  Lily Espinosa, acting coach, with husband Luis Espinosa at the camera, managed to coordinate 23 young students and produce the short film Let’s Start Again.  The acting studio is located at the McAllen creative arts incubator and currently has 26 students enrolled in acting classes. “This was meant to be a class project” said Lily, “unfortunately not all students were able to participate.” Even though it was obvious these young kids were very tired, their energy and excitement was refreshing. Lily, on the other hand, is very enthusiastic and so passionate about her work that she seemed ready to go film another short.  I’m sure she is already planning to give it another run during the 36 Hour Film Race. Good luck to all!

These types of events are a fantastic opportunity for families to have fun together while developing skills that will certainly be assets for future professional development, not to mention the great memories of family fun and togetherness.

Pictured on featured image is Maritza Hamill and Emmanuel Marquez.

Photographed on second picture are Daniela Espinosa, Mariana Garcia, Juan Cantu,  Lily, and Luis Espinosa.

Lily Espinosa and her Team

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