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April 30, 2012

Young and Talented in A Dash

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Written by: Nydia O
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CineSol Film Festival organizers were busy this past weekend hosting the popular 24 Hour Film Dash. Fifteen teams registered and fifteen teams submitted their 5 minute short film; an uncommon but very positive circumstance.  The awards ceremony will be held at Cine El Rey of McAllen, Texas, on Saturday May 5th. This event will be a great opportunity to network with film lovers from all over the Rio Grande Valley.

Juliet Peel, Christian Ritter, and Cougar Garza participated in the Dash by submitted their short film titled The Agronomist. Chris is a native of Los Angeles who came to the Rio Grande Valley after his parents decided to retire here; he is currently enrolled at UTPA pursuing a degree in Theater and Film.  Chris has also studied in New York and Los Angeles. Chris loves the people of the Rio Grande Valley, especially those involved in the arts, “they are very passionate about their work, there is so much talent” Chris said. It was through art-loving friends that he met beautiful Juliet; an ESL teacher at Memorial Middle School in Harlingen, Texas.

Cougar Garza  was born in Austin, Texas but has relocated to McAllen; he is also pursuing a degree in theater and film. It was through a creative writing class that he met Christian Ritter. Cougar is the camera man, while Juliet and Chris do the acting. Cougar used a Sony HDR-FX 7 Camcorder and a Shotgun microphone to film The Agronomist. All three said they had decided to participate in the dash just two days before it started, naming their team Cougs Productions.   They all said they loved the experience and look forward to participating in the 36 Hour Film Race to be held on Labor Day weekend.

Teams were given 24 hours to write, film, and edit a 3-5 minute short film. The theme, given on the day of registration, was Betrayal. Teams had to include the line; “I’m allergic to that”, use a helmet and include the action of throwing liquid from a glass on someone’s face.

Feature photograph of Christian Ritter and Juliet Peel, sitting is Cougar Garza

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