June 12, 2012

Java Ramble 2

Police headline

Java Ramble 2


Those who love to read newspapers have experienced reading confusing, and sometimes very unintentionally funny headlines, usually over a cup of java.  This is a collection of several I found interesting enough to comment on; please send your comments or your personal twist on the following headlines from across the Rio Grande Valley. It is all done in good faith because laughing is good for the soul.




“Beautiful” Minds; Keep Mercedes Beautiful Beautifies Civic Center.  MVTC – 6/6/2012

Simply Beautiful!

Pharr to Vote on Gang-Free Zone  - BH – 6/5/2012

Why not vote for the entire city to be gang-free?

School seeks to overcome learning challenges.  BH – 6/4/2012

I am glad to hear that!


Online Exclusive: Panthers blown out again, swept by Bears – MVTC- 5/4/2012

A sweeping blow!

Sunny Ceremony Honors 1,300 Graduates  – BH – 5/19/2012

Cloudy Ceremony was not invited, breezy protested outside

Boxing event to take place at Livestock Show Grounds.  MVTC – 5/1/2012

Raging Bull vs. the Italian Stallion

Donna Schools Join Movement Against Testing.   TM- 5/13/2012

Hope they don’t join a movement against teaching

Woman: Disco Rendezvous led to Drug Cartel Threat.  TM – 5/21/2012

We still have Discos?

Gang Related Shooting Leaves Man, Pony Dead in Little Mexico.   BH

This is Pony Sad

Harlington National Bronco Spring League with the Yankees Taking First Place  – RCN – 6/6/2012

Harlington:  Arlington and Harlingen’s version of Brangelina 

TM= The Monitor

BH = The  Brownsville Herald

MVTC = The Mid Valley Town Crier

VMS = The Valley Morning Star

RCN = The Raymondville Chronicle News

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Java Ramble

Those who love to read newspapers, usually accompanied by a cup of java,  have surely encountered confusing, and sometimes very unintentionally funny headlines.  This is a collection of several I found interesting enough to b...
by Tapia - Gonzales