May 18, 2012

Java Ramble


Those who love to read newspapers, usually accompanied by a cup of java,  have surely encountered confusing, and sometimes very unintentionally funny headlines.  This is a collection of several I found interesting enough to bring them to La Vida Valle;  send  your take on them, or your personal twist on the following headlines from across the Rio Grande Valley. Please note that this is done in good faith because it is OK to laugh a little.



The Monitor

Authorities: Man accused of killing his new wife may be in Valley  - 05/17/2012

I wonder what he did with his old wife…..

Bishop touches on immigration reform, gay marriage, film  - 05/17/2012

Some words just don’t work well together, do they?

Knapp Medical Center marks 50 years with look forward, back   – 05/09/2012

I’m speechless….


The Brownsville Herald- 05/18/2012

Man wanted in Mexico deported

And so did all the not wanted…

Harlingen urged to become more attractive  - 05/13/2012

Hmmm…..weight watchers?


Mid Valley Town Crier

 Med High students prepare for “The Hunger Games” by holding their own – 03/23/2012

Their own….stomach?

Unofficial Election Results (final)  - 05/12/2012

Who needs official results!


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Police headline

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