February 25, 2012

Car Shows in the RGV

Classic Corvette

Car Show with Tejano Flair

unique Accessories

Classics with an attitude…I like it!

McAllen Car Show

Car shows are just as popular in the Rio Grande Valley as they are in the rest of the country, even though car enthusiasts here spice things up a bit with their whimsy. Believing that admiration for the classic lines, the engineering, and powerful engines, were what drew crows into these shows, I was pleasantly surprised to discover there is much more to these shows than the perceived practicality.

Recently, I attended the McAllen Car Show.  While walking through the show grounds, I experienced the sensation that brought me to realize I was walking down memory lane, and that the reason why I was enjoying this car show was due to the awakening memories. It was then, that I began to pay attention to other participants’ comments. “My brother had a car like this one, and he would never let me use it” one said, “I kissed my girlfriend for the first time in one of these babies,” said another. I found myself thinking exactly the same way. I remembered my  sister’s Chevette, my handsome friend’s Corvette, the popular Volkswagen Beetle, and all the many adventures lived along similar cars now displayed at the car show. Some cars on the exhibit also reminded me of my parents’ old photographs having a good time at the beach next to a 1940’s pickup. I caught myself wishing I could buy several of these cars; until it dawned on me that what I wanted to buy was the cherished memories now gone.

Were the old days better? Our parents seem to think so, and so did our grandparents! I’m sure the young people of today will one day cherish the memories of their past. Will they remember the scent of girlfriends? The sunsets? Do they even stop and look at sunsets anymore? Do they contemplate the moon and the stars? Oh yes! There is an App for that, I remember. The good news is that if their memory fails, they will always have Google to find out how things were back in 2012.

Allen Essex of the Valley Morning Star, wrote an article today, Sunday April 15, 2012 about Harlingen’s recent Car Show. Enjoy!


Barracudad, Texas. Visit their website at favorite

Barracuda…my favorite

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