May 19, 2012

Venice has Pigeons, we have Sea Gulls


Recently, one of TV’s Sunday morning shows featured a documentary about the pigeons of Venice, Italy. While local officials, and even the reporter, seemed  disgusted about the amount of  bird poop, and the damage it does to Venice’s architectural jewels; tourists said they loved them. Desperate officials have resorted to declaring the sale of bird feed an illegal activity. Those interviewed, said the pigeons made visiting Venice unique and special, while children cheerfully chased and fed them.

All of this reminded me about feeding the sea gulls of South Padre Island, Texas. Some people strongly dislike this practice, also because of the  bird poop, while others absolutely love it. I have no doubts that feeding these gulls is one of the most memorable activities visitors to South Padre Island enjoy.  Thankfully, unlike in Venice, feeding our sea gulls has not escalated into a problematic situation for SPI officials; this activity is safe, at least for now.

The Gull-Billed Tern, the Caspian Tern, the Forster’s Tern, and the Laughing Gull are among the birds that abound in South Padre Island.

The beginning of summer is upon us; the sky is blue and temperatures are reaching 90 degrees. Locals look forward to fishing, sailing, surfing, or simply spending a day relaxing on the beach. Building sand castles is also a favorite summer beach activity.  What about the sea gulls? These cute, smart birds wait patiently; they know that just like with the pigeons of Venice,  someone is bound to surrender to the thrill of feeding them.

People feeding the sea gulls

My cute nephews enjoying a day in SPI

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