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January 5, 2015

The Other Immigrants / Refugees


Along the border between Mexico and the United States, in an area in south Texas known as the Rio Grande Valley we have seen an influx of two types of immigrants/ refugees, but only one has made it to the national news networks.






Similarities between these two groups:

1-     All of them wish they could have peace in their countries.  They hope and wait for the violence to end, and corruption obliterated.

2-     All of them come here hoping for a better life. They seek to contribute in some way to the economy of this country.

3-     They belong to loving, close-knit families. The well-being of family is their priority.

4-     They have made the tough decision to leave their homes, friends, family, church, jobs, businesses, lifestyle and much more to seek a shelter from widespread and indiscriminative violence.

5-     They have suffered the loss of someone they know, and most likely in a horrific death at the hands of mercenary people. Most have been victims of extortion and threats.

6-     People in both groups are likely to return to their home countries if and once the violence stops.

7-     We could say that a good number of people in both groups see themselves as refugees or exiles and not as someone seeking the American dream (better job, success and more money).

Recent photo of female  refugees at the border.

Recent photo of female refugees at the border.











1-     Only one group can show proof of income required to get a border crossing visa and or passport.

2-     Only one group can afford to invest around 500 thousand dollars on a business in the United States that can earn the entire family a green card.

3-     Only one group can afford the services of an immigration attorney.

4-     Only one group can afford expensive homes in the Rio Grande Valley.

5-     Only one shops at high end boutiques and stores.

6-     Only one group looks more European.

7-     Only one group is considered a financial burden to the United States.

8-     Only one group can afford to enroll their children in the Valley’s private schools.

9-     Only one pays property taxes, sales taxes and spends enough to significantly impact the economy of the Rio Grande Valley.

10-  Only one group has bank accounts in the United States. Some Valley bankers have said Mexican investors account for more than 50% of bank deposits.

11-  Only one is considered a “crisis” and only one makes it on national TV.

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