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August 4, 2014

Positioning the Valley for Tremendous Change

Grande Theatre Interior- Movie

Great news came from the new owners of the first grip truck to call the Valley home. Rodrigo Rodriguez and Chris Hardcastle started a new venture called Citrus Digital, and have made an investment that will open the door to incredible filming opportunities in the Rio Grande Valley.

For pictures of the grip truck and to like their new page visit facebook page.

Both have purchased the first grip truck available in South Texas. A grip truck is outfitted with lighting and light control equipment filmmakers need to produce the high-end results they seek, for without good lighting it is hard to produce good images. The valley’s lack of such equipment has deterred many production companies from filming in the region because of the logistics and cost of bringing a grip truck.

During a recent interview with Rodrigo for the Valley Business Report he broke the news, and he could not have been more proud. “This will make a profound change in filmmaking and high quality production in the valley. It is the most significant change for the valley’s filmmaking and video industry in a long time.” Rodriguez said.  To read the complete story on Rio Bravo Pictures and Rodriguez, please visit  it is on page 20.

Chris Hardcastle told us last week that calls are already coming in from out of state filmmakers including Animal Planet. Chris also said the equipment will be available a la cart, so filmmakers can pick and choose only what they need, and not have to rent the entire truck.

The Valley’s talent, its affordability on food and lodging, and the wide variety of location sites are a good start. Several famous actors filmed here recently like Robert Duval and Mel Gibson.  But the lack of equipment and qualified technicians has deterred more production companies from coming to the Valley . This will change now thanks to Citrus Digital investors.  It may well be the beginning of a new industry for the Valley.

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