January 15, 2014

Revisiting San Luis Potosi, Mexico

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I reunite with San Luis Potosi as it celebrates its 421 anniversary. Five years separated me from its present, and I found it has not lost the provincial, colonial charm albeit the traffic and continuously rising population.

The Hotel Panorama, my favorite, for it is located right in the heart of the city, and within walking distance to all the beautiful colonial jewels, retains the same standards and friendliness endeared to me. The same management is there, and as always, greeted me with a big smile and a Mexican welcome hug.  I had gotten used to these welcomes every time I would arrive with a group from the Rio Grande Valley, usually Winter Texans.  Only this time I was not fatigued by a long ten hour bus journey, for Aeromar Airline just started flying nonstop to San Luis Potosi from the McAllen Airport.  In less than two hours I arrived in San Luis and was ready to hit the cobblestone streets.

My biggest surprise was to find the old penitentiary – curiously located on a major avenue called Calzada de Guadalupe – went through an incredible renovation and is now a Centro de las Artes. It is also a coveted location for wedding banquets and business related events.  To see young people hanging out there, and at several other “casa de la cultura” places gave me hope. Violence is not the dominant issue in Mexico, for it is obvious in San Luis Potosi the arts are thriving. It only took one brief visit to this new facility to realize that, and it felt good.

Outside Centro de Las Artes

The day culminated with a light show that is now all the rave here. These shows are displayed on some of the architecturally richest structures in its historic downtown. This time, the theme was the city’s anniversary.  Walked to the hotel, tired as I was, but very happy to be in San Luis Potosi one more time. The featured photograph is of  Palacio de San Agustin Boutique Hotel Museum. Check it out – it’s amazing! And for about 250 dollars a night with breakfast and city horse drawn carriage tour. A young man had reserved an area that has an antique piano, and it’s close to the staircase, to propose to his girlfriend upon arriving from their carriage tour.  During breakfast today I met an Italian and a German professor who are here for a month teaching at the local university.  Life is good in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Thank you God.


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