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July 20, 2015

Why is the Rio Grande Valley so Rich in Birds and Wildlife?

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If you Enjoy Bird Watching and Nature, South Texas is Waiting for you!

Texas offers the richest bird watching in USA – 630 species, more than any other state.

The Lower Rio Grande Valley offers the richest birding in Texas, with 540 species, more than 48 US states. It also has 330 butterfly species. More than half the US bird and butterfly species are found in the Valley, in four counties, an area just 140 miles by 40 miles.

Birding in the Valley is rich because of the following reasons:

1. Eastern US and some western US bird species are found here close to their southern limit.

2. Tropical species are found here at their northern limit, overlapping the temperate species.

3. Wintering species stay in the Valley because of our semi-tropical climate.

4. The Valley lies under the neo-tropical migration routes between North America and Central / South America – we have migrants moving through every month of the year, with spring peak (raptors Mar 15 through Apr 20; song birds Apr 10 through May 20), and fall peak (August through early Dec)

5. Diversity of habitat in the Valley, a semi-tropical area with much fresh water, wetlands, the Laguna Madre and productive coastline.


If you live in the Rio Grande Valley and have not yet visited one of hundreds of nature parks – what are you waiting for? And if you are looking for birdwatching destinations don’t look any further; the Valley has it all! 

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