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January 9, 2015

The Green Heron. Find it in The Rio Grande Valley


Neil Glenn shared this information via South Texas Nature facebook page.

January’s Bird-of-the month is Green Heron (Butorides virescens). It has just been named the ABA’s Bird-of-the-Year, so we echo that accolade here.
It is one of The Valley’s most secretive water birds, liking to fish from cover of overhanging trees and bushes. It has even been observed fishing: so what on earth is unusual about a heron fishing, you ask? Well I mean that Green Herons have been videoed (look on YouTube) picking up bread thrown to ducks by people, flying to a more secluded spot, dropping the bread in the water and then catching the small fish as they surface to feed on the bread. Pretty clever, eh?! Watch here.
I have found that the best place to encounter Green Herons in The Valley is at Edinburgh Scenic Wetlands, though will no doubt have your own stake out.
Green Heron is a common breeding bird, especially in the eastern United States. The race we get in The Valley is virescens, while the anthonyi race can be found on the Pacific coast.
So the next time you are by a quiet pool or Resaca, just make sure you check underneath the overhanging vegetation to see if you can find one of these beautiful, small herons. It really is worth the effort.
Pic courtesy of Hurmann Luyken 

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The Valley is home to many nature parks filled with beautiful and intriguing birds like the Green Heron.  From October through April over 400 different bird species call the Val

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