Michael Mascha: Revolutionizing Nude Photography

Have you ever considered the camera is the most unimportant thing about a photographer’s work? If so, you share the opinion of photographer Michael Mascha who believes it is the eye of the photographer together with proportio...
by Tapia - Gonzales

la damacolor

Mario’s Unique Mexican Loteria

The summer is a very busy time for artist Mario Godinez who is currently working on a long thought about project based on the popular Mexican game of  La Loteria.  “This is the time I have to create my work, because I do no...
by Tapia - Gonzales

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Behind The Radio

For over 40 years, national public radio has been synonymous with good programing and education. Our local KMBH 88 FM radio station provides a welcoming alternative to highly commercialized radio stations by featuring a variety...
by Tapia - Gonzales


Sabor Vallero 10th Anniversary

Sexy Dancing in the Valley

Salsa music entered the mainstream in the late 1980s thanks to the popularity of new romantic ballads that substituted the political and social protest lyrics of the past. By the 1990s, salsa had attracted thousands of fans out...
by Tapia - Gonzales

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For the past few years, violence has wreaked havoc among the poorest communities of Mexico.  I am not only referring to the number of casualties, but to the loss of economic revenue, especially for those communities which rely...
by Tapia - Gonzales