green jay

NewsOK Publishes Article about the Birds of the Rio Grande Valley.

NewsOK of Oklahoma published this great article about the birds of the Rio Grande Valley on May 2015. The tremendous natural resources the Valley has attracts thousands of visitors and journalists to the area every year. Articl...
by La Vida Valle


Two Valley Farmer’s Markets

The Rio Grande Valley does not have a Whole Foods nor a Central Market, even though I think they should (more on that below), but we have very nice farmers markets selling the freshest and most colorful local produce . More and...
by Nydia O


The Green Heron. Find it in The Rio Grande Valley

Neil Glenn shared this information via South Texas Nature facebook page. January’s Bird-of-the month is Green Heron (Butorides virescens). It has just been named the ABA’s Bird-of-the-Year, so we echo that accolade ...
by La Vida Valle


Cape May Warbler by Kenny Salazar

Las Aves del Valle de Texas

Si usted nunca ha tenido la oportunidad de participar en un festival de “Aves” tal vez este año sea el indicado para hacerlo. Cada Noviembre en la ciudad de Harlingen, Texas se lleva a cabo el Rio Grande Valley Birding Fes...
by Nydia O

Roge's shark

Shark Fishing in South Padre Island

Last week, on June 14, 2013, my nephew and a group of friends, traveled to South Padre Island, for a guy’s day out fishing. One of their favorite passtimes is to ride on kayaks into the ocean and fish deeper in the water. I a...
by Nydia O