Estero Llano Grande

How this Little Fellow Generates Thousands of Dollars for the RGV

Some people don’t know the impact a rare bird sighting can have on a community. Seldom does the news reach the local media like they did a couple of years ago when an Amazon Kingfisher was spotted during the RGV Birding F...
by Nydia O

2013-12-05 11.12.06

Lessons from the Past

The growing presence of new technology in the form of wind turbines around Willacy County, did not keep Grace Heritage Ranch from flourishing by imitating and thriving with traditions from the past. Bryan and Mary Schalk moved ...
by Nydia O

Roge's shark

Shark Fishing in South Padre Island

Last week, on June 14, 2013, my nephew and a group of friends, traveled to South Padre Island, for a guy’s day out fishing. One of their favorite passtimes is to ride on kayaks into the ocean and fish deeper in the water. I a...
by Nydia O


Zoo gorilla (1)

Gorilla Days of Summer?

One of the most enjoyable activity in the Rio Grande Valley is visiting the Gladys Porter Zoo.  Even though I do believe the best time to visit is from October to April because of the weather, for some reason we always end up ...
by Nydia O

Cape May Warbler by Kenny Salazar

Las Aves del Valle de Texas

Si usted nunca ha tenido la oportunidad de participar en un festival de “Aves” tal vez este año sea el indicado para hacerlo. Cada Noviembre en la ciudad de Harlingen, Texas se lleva a cabo el Rio Grande Valley Birding Fes...
by Nydia O