March 2, 2013



During a recent visit to McAllen, Texas, my friend Nancy suggested lunch at the local Pappadeaux which is actually located in Pharr, Texas.  We did not realize that lunch at a seafood place, on a Friday during Lent, was not a very good idea until we got there.

The place felt like a crowded fair, it was packed and loud. Servers were busy and people were coming in and out for takeout and for lunch. Sometime last year, I heard this restaurant had the highest liquor sales in the entire Rio Grande Valley. That is amazing considering we have South Padre Island favored by spring breakers and fun loving vacationers.

While we waited, I enjoyed watching those large trays  “flying” around carried by young waitresses.There was an amazing variety of well-presented dishes served skillfully at each table.  Shrimp, fish filets, gumbo soups, salads, practically everything on the menu. It all looked very good. I ordered the lunch special consisting of a bowl of shrimp gumbo and a side salad. Both were served in generous portions, and good. The gumbo was not served as hot as I would have liked, but it was OK. And I was not about to complain or send it back, for who knows how long it would take them to bring it back even though we did not have to wait for our food. It was served promptly.

The bar area is very nice, and it was hard to fight the temptation to just hang around there and order a beer! But this was a business luncheon unfortunately. The weather was beautiful, so several businessmen were out on the patio enjoying the cool breeze and bright sunlight.  It was obvious the clientele was business people, but there were a few Winter Texans and groups of women enjoying a social lunch unbothered by the hubbub of the place unlike us who could barely hear each other speak.

Favored by many, places like these are not really my cup of tea, but it is always nice to see people out and about having a good time.

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