August 12, 2014

Don’t Park in Parking Spaces Reserved for the Disabled

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Written by: La Vida Valle

About a month ago 20 parking spaces at one of Monterrey’s HEBs were “taken” by wheelchairs to the surprise – and anger – of some drivers.

On the chairs were signs with phrases such as ” Nobody uses this space anyway” “I won’t be long” “Oops I didn’t see the sign” “I’m just waiting for somebody” The protest was organized by a local organization dedicated to advocate for the rights of the incapasitated.

We wanted to share this because it has become a common occurance for us to see people parking on handicapped spaces here in the Valley.

The fact that a handicap parking permit is issued to a caregiver does not mean that person can park in these reserved spaces unless the disabled person is on board.

Should the law change and say “Handicapped on Board Parking”? Who is enforcing these laws right now?

Have you seen this happen? If so, what did you do?


On a side note: notice in the photo you can see a McDonalds and a Hampton Inn Hotel while the protest was at HEB. All this in Mexico!

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