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August 29, 2013

Tripadvisor’s Top Area Restaurants



There used to be a time when tourism professionals felt they had some sort of control over who they thought was the best restaurant in town, or the best hotel, and they would use their own criteria to direct visitors to what they considered the best places.  Today all of that has changed because of the social media revolution.

Destination managers have no control over people’s choice of the best places to eat, nor do they have control on recommendations from regular folks on what constitutes a good place to eat.

I recently looked into the “best places to eat”  comments in “Tripadvisor” regarding our valley cities, and here is what I found:

In Brownsville, Texas, the top five places to eat – according to tripadvisor  comments – are:

1-     Madeira – I have not been there yet. I hear great things, and also that it is very expensive.

2-     Whataburger –  What a comment! the #2 best place to eat in Brownsville. I love their burgers but…really!!

3-     Texas Roadhouse

4-     Kikis I - Will be opening in Harlingen soon.

5-     Chick Fil A

People in Brownsville love their franchises.

In Harlingen, Texas:

1-     The Pizzeria – I got to say they do serve as authentic an Italian pizza as possible

2-     Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant – Good food at a great price – maybe not for a special occasion

3-     La Playa Mexican Café – Not one of my favorites, but it is always packed

4-     Los Asados – I think it’s very good. Large Portions.

5-     Texas Roadhouse

People in Harlingen like the local places.

In McAllen, Texas:

1-     Delia’s Tamales – they have amazing tamales, but the best restaurant in McAllen? Very impressive.

2-     House Wine -  Nice atmosphere and a great menu. I love their wine “slides”

3-     Frida’s Grill and Cantina – I have to visit. I’ve heard very good things about it.

4-     Mama Mia Pizzeria

5-     Jay’s BarBQ

People in McAllen like variety.

In Mission, Texas:

1-     La Fogata Restaurant. A beautiful place serving authentic Mexican food. No piñatas, no papel picado.

2-     492 Bbq

3-     Taco Ole

4-     Chopstix – I have not had the opportunity, but will soon.

5-     Taco Palenque

Mission is the first to have an Asian restaurant on their top five best places list.

In South Padre Island:

1-     Yummie’s Coffee Shack

2-     Café on the Beach at the Palms. This is one of my favorite places because you cannot beat enjoying a beautifully- presented, savory meal right on the beach.

3-     Gabriella’s Italian Grill and Pizzeria. Delicious

4-     Sea Ranch Restaurant & Bar. Great food and ambiance.

5-     Grapevine Café & Coffee House. Redundantly good.

Interesting…. Most of their choices are not seafood restaurants.

In Weslaco:

1-     Nana’s Taqueria

2-     The Blue Onion. My favorite.

3-     Monterrey Café

4-     Casa de Mariscos. I really like their seafood. Very casual place with great service.

5-     Arturo’s Bar & Grill. Another authentic Mexican food place.

People in Weslaco like a good variety as well. Great Choices!

I added my personal comments, and I hope you send me yours.


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