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September 3, 2013

Not a Good Experience

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Written by: Nydia O
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La Fogata


It was quite a shock, for even Tripadvisor has rave reviews about La Fogata Restaurant Piano Bar in Mission, Texas. I was there this past Saturday at about 3:00 p.m – not crowded and past rush hour.  The place is beautiful and clean, and service is friendly.

My mother craved cabrito – baby goat- and one of La Fogata’s specialties. I decided to go for it myself, so we both ordered the Tacos de Cabrito because the pulled cabrito on freshly made corn tortillas makes it easier to enjoy this northern Mexico delicacy.

My sister ordered the rib-eye medium well.  Because shopping for shoes became a priority instead of a prompt lunch we were starving when we arrived, so we ordered a side of guacamole, and my two wine loving family members ordered a sangria – which was delicious they tell me.  I ordered Topo Chico with lime on ice.   A small bowl of charro beans was welcomed by these starving guests as well as the Pico de Gallo sauce with fresh tortilla chips.

Our meal came, but my sister’s steak was served rare, and my mom and I got cabrito en salsa instead of our tacos.  We both looked at each other wondering if this was their rendition of tacos since the waiter immediately offered us corn tortillas. Soon enough, they came and took our plates from us apologizing for their mistake. They took the steak back as well.

Once we got all that we ordered, I noticed my tacos were greasy, very greasy, so I opened the taco to check and I noticed it was mostly fat and skin with lots of cooking oil. The taste was fair especially if accompanied by the special savory  green sauce, but it wasn’t good cabrito meat.  Cabrito is not only the establishment’s specialty,but  the tacos were the special of the day, so I was very surprised. My sister’s steak was very good she said, and they even offered her a second  baked potato for the mistake!   Our taco order consisted of four tacos and salsa- that’s it, no rice, no salad and no baked potato.

It is said that hunger is the best condiment, so I ate two of my tacos – the order includes four – feeling guilty for eating such a large amount of artery-clogging food.  We did not want to go through the reordering process, for we were hungry and stores were still open waiting for us.

Lastly, without ordering dessert or coffee, our check comes with a total of $94.00 dollars. “What did you break?” I jokingly asked with my sister.  Nothing was broken, and I couldn’t help thinking about the pair of shoes I could have purchased instead.

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