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August 16, 2019

More Tacos, this Time in Red

Red Corn Tacos at 100% Antojitos Mexicanos.

Just discovered this new place in Harlingen, Texas serving Mexican  Antojitos. The restaurant name is 100% Antojitos Mexicanos. 

The translation for antojitos is snacks. But to me, it does not mean the same. Antojitos is something that is delish! that is small but filled with varied and delicious ingredients. A meal in small portions, and not a snack and not an appetizer either. A snack is something we eat when nothing good is available.  Something fast and pre-packaged for the most part. Something we eat to calm hunger until we find or prepare a good meal. The same applies for appetizers.  Antojitos is a meal.

This restaurant offers a good and varied selection including typical tacos, some made with red corn tortillas like the ones pictured here, but they also introduce sopes which are not that common among  Rio Grande Valley restaurants. They serve enmoladas which is like an enchilada but with mole sauce instead of the TexMex chili sauce. My tacos were very soft and delish! as expected. I also liked the presentation. Tacos were served over parchment paper on top of an aluminum tray.

This is not a paid post or advertisement.

From the waitress, I learned that there are seven locations in the Valley: Mission, Alton, McAllen, Pharr, San Juan, and Edinburg.

I also found their Facebook page.

100% Antojitos Mexicanos in Harlingen, Texas

100% Antojitos Mexicanos in Harlingen, Texas


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