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August 8, 2014

Michael Mascha’s Temptation

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Written by: Nydia O
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Michael Mascha

Last week, another exhibit by local photographer Michael Mascha opened. This time at Galeria 409 in Brownsville; a beautiful mid 19 century building which, according to rumor,  once housed a brothel.   Nothing could please Mascha more, for he named his new exhibit “Temptation.”  “The images are not always sharp, but the TEMPTATION is clear.” This was the introduction to Mascha’s new creation. Michael Mascha

His two prior Valley exhibits, Muse and Mermaids, had not addressed the obvious theme of his work until this one where the predominant color is temptation red; a very appropriate color for “temptation”. The photos look like watercolors, so I asked Mascha to describe his work. This is what he told me:

“The images are all done in the camera. I’m a photographer not a graphic artist; huge difference.  I enjoy capturing something in one moment, and not showing you everything, but leave interpretation open for the viewer. Pictures are done by manipulating the lens, and shifting the focal plane.  It is a focal blur and not a motion blur that it’s not evenly distributed.”

Mascha likes to use shapes and proportions to create harmonious compositions, for we do not see the faces in the pictures. His photographs are captivating, and well executed. Guests also admired Mascha’s first acrylic abstract painting on a 7X7 canvas. Michael Mascha

“I just started painting recently, and I wish I could paint something like my photographs.” Mascha said adding that he recently acquired a studio on Jackson Street in Harlingen where he can have a place all his own.  “I have a big space out of the house now, so I can make a mess and no one asks me  to clean it up. It is my own space. I love coming into the studio, rolling out the canvas without having any  idea of what I am going to make. I just mix colors and start.” he said.

At the event both of Mascha’s “Temptation” muses where present: his wife Erika and Gabie Conner who came from Florida with her husband to attend the event. Both looked radiant.  I previously wrote a story about Mascha’s work and Erika’s and Gabie’s experience as nude models.  Unfortunately, Mascha’s exhibit at Galeria 409 is gone, but people can admire his work by visiting fine-art-nudes.org. 

From Left. Gabie Conner, Mascha, Erika Mascha.

From Left. Gabie Conner, Michael Mascha, and Erika Mascha.

I look forward to Galeria 409’s next exhibit opening reception to be held on Thursday September 4th, in the afternoon. According to owner Mark Clark the exhibit’s name is Young Blood. Don’t miss it. For architecture lovers like me, experiencing this historic building is a big part of the fun. According to Clark, the building housed the first drug store in Brownsville.  There was a gunfire explosion around 1857, and it served as a customs brokerage during the Mexican Revolution. It is believed the broker made lots of money by selling boots to Pancho Villa’s army.

Galeria 409 is located at 409 E. 13th Street in Brownsville, Texas. For more information please call (956) 455-3599. Michael Mascha’s information can be found on his website.

“When circumstances beyond the focal plane of a photograph are unclear, a sense of anticipation is created. Anticipation that can only be satisfied by the viewer’s imagination.” Michael Mascha.

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