August 24, 2011

Own Mid – Century Modernism in Harlingen, Texas

Laurel Park 1950

One of the most Avant-garde design eras was the middle of the 20th century, and Harlingen is home to several mid-century buildings and homes. Unfortunately, most homes and buildings have been remodeled and stripped of their historical significance and architectural unique style.

Thankfully, not all of them,  in Harlingen’s Laurel Park there are a couple of mid-century style  homes available  on the market, two examples are featured in this article. These homes were designed for living comfortably; they have open floor plans, high ceilings, large windows and many features of today’s modernism.

Sometimes, it is very difficult for people to see past the decadence and dense landscaping therefore bypassing the opportunity of owning a very unique home. The thought of losing the last epitomes of the mid-century era, motivated me to write this article. I sincerely hope these homes find owners who will lovingly restore them and bring them back to glory.

For those who enjoy animated films,  “The Incredibles” was a great one, but what was even greater  was the mid-century home the Incredibles lived  in.  Please visit the link that is attached to this article, the  link comes from The Mid-Century Modernist website where you can appreciate the beauty and design of mid-century  homes.

TV shows like MADMEN, set in the 1960′s have become very popular, and mid-century modern decor and fashion is in vogue.  Best of all, it is wonderful to have the opportunity to own a mid-century home right here in the Rio Grande Valley.

UPDATE: The house on bottom photograph was sold this month; April, 2012, for 125, 000.00 – I sincerely hope the new owners value its history and restore it keeping its identity.


The featured photograph for this article is a bird’s- eye photo of Laurel Park from 1950.

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My husband and I are crazy about the architecture from the 50’s and 60’s era, for we love our home designed by Architect John G. York in 1949. It has taken us about 12 years to restore it, and we know this project will cont...
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