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The Music of the Rio Grande Valley

Arhoolie Records founder Chris Strachwitz once wrote that the musical traditions of the Tejanos of South Texas were influenced by not only Mexico, but also by their Anglo- American, African-American and immigrant neighbors like...
by Tapia - Gonzales

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For the past few years, violence has wreaked havoc among the poorest communities of Mexico.  I am not only referring to the number of casualties, but to the loss of economic revenue, especially for those communities which rely...
by Tapia - Gonzales

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Seize the Day with Laughter

I recently had the opportunity of attending a workshop by Ramon Ramirez, creator of Smarty Cartoons where he shared his experiences in the world of cartoons, and encouraged aspiring artists. Cartoonist and art teacher, Ramon ha...
by Tapia - Gonzales



Wine Making in the Rio Grande Valley

Somewhat akin to his vineyard is Jorge Jaber, for he seems to have absorbed the valley’s sunshine and flourished with its soil. The grapes now harvested have overcome great odds, and so has Jaber, an idealist as resilient as ...
by Tapia - Gonzales


Janine Marie Photography

Very few women, at least those I’ve met, believe they look great in pictures, and I am not the exception. It is either the hair, or too fat or just plain ugly. Thank heaven for photo-shop! But unless nobody ever sees you in p...
by Tapia - Gonzales