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Kenny Salazar Photography

I met Kenny Salazar through the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival where he volunteers as communications director handling all social media and website related issues. Our Valley is blessed with abundant wildlife, and Kenny’s...
by Tapia - Gonzales

Police headline

Java Ramble 2

Java Ramble 2   Those who love to read newspapers have experienced reading confusing, and sometimes very unintentionally funny headlines, usually over a cup of java.  This is a collection of several I found interesting en...
by Tapia - Gonzales


Embracing the Fine Arts of the Rio Grande Valley

One of the things that always preoccupied me as a destination management professional, were the negative perceptions about our area and the people of the Rio Grande Valley. Some believe we all dress in cowboy attire, while othe...
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Gazpacho’s by Las Tablitas Restaurant


Bottom Line 5 / 5 - Excellent
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Lupe Saenz, Jr.

Preserving The Music of the Rio Grande Valley

Recently I had the opportunity of visiting with my friend Lupe Saenz, Jr. and talk about the music of the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas, it was very enlightening, I sincerely hope our readers enjoy this interview. Lupe Saen...
by Tapia - Gonzales