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Pan Dulce

The Sweet Bread of Mexico

“Pan Dulce” is the name we give those very unusually shaped pieces of bread we see at local “Panaderias” (bakeries) usually bearing someone’s Hispanic name or surname. Some believe the bread is not really that sweet, ...
by Tapia - Gonzales

Brownsville Downtown Block Event 009

Growing Good Kids

Everybody is familiar with traditional elementary school curriculums, and assumes kids spend most of the day learning inside a classroom. There are exceptions, for education is evolving and adapting to the needs of modern socie...
by Tapia - Gonzales


Venice has Pigeons, we have Sea Gulls

Recently, one of TV’s Sunday morning shows featured a documentary about the pigeons of Venice, Italy. While local officials, and even the reporter, seemed  disgusted about the amount of  bird poop, and the damage it does to...
by Tapia - Gonzales



Java Ramble

Those who love to read newspapers, usually accompanied by a cup of java,  have surely encountered confusing, and sometimes very unintentionally funny headlines.  This is a collection of several I found interesting enough to b...
by Tapia - Gonzales

Earth boy

Dual Language Education

On May 15th, 2012, the Valley Morning Star’s front page featured an article by Travis M. Whitehead titled Schools adopt dual language program. The article is about the implementation of what is known as the Gomez and Gomez Du...
by Tapia - Gonzales