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Adrian Tapia Collage

Finding the Roots of my Passion

Posted  October 11, 2018  by  Nydia O

Have you ever felt a strong passion for something without understanding why? I am not referring to superficial things but desires such as playing an instrument, painting, writing and even a career path. Times when you’ve said you’ve always wanted to do something and felt sincere disappointment and despair for not having done this. In […]

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Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle in San Juan, Texas
Spiritual Me

When the Unexplained Calls

Posted  October 10, 2018  by  Nydia O

It happened yesterday. I’d heard it from my sister and my husband read about it in our church’s bulletin. Saint Pio of Pietrelcina’s relics were going to be present at the Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan. “Padre Pio” as he was commonly referred to in his home country of Italy was a priest […]

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Aida Opera 2

Saturday at the Met in the RGV

Posted  October 6, 2018  by  Nydia O

Just got back from watching The Met Live in HD at our local Cinemark theater. This time the opera was Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida. One of the most well-known operas of all time.  I wrote a short article about why I love to go and today it proved to be equally enjoyable. I think this is […]

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Set of Aida
The Arts

New York’s Opera in the Valley

Posted  October 5, 2018  by  Nydia O

Yes, I know, I’ve heard it a million times; you don’t like opera. I often wonder how many have actually experienced the opera? The opera in a world-renowned stage like  New York City’s Metropolitan Opera House? I haven’t and very few people in the Valley will say they have. The Met Live in HD project began […]

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Local Talent

Fafi Melguizo: Painting Shadows of the Unknown

Posted  October 2, 2018  by  Nydia O

For Cuban born artist Josefina “Fafi” Melguizo creating art is a personal activity, but to create lyrical abstraction is to reach the most profound depth of her sensibility and inspiration. “To me, painting comes from the heart. Creating brings joy to my life and I wish to transmit that feeling to spectators,” said Melguizo during […]

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