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Mission Children

The Tejanos of South Texas

Posted  April 4, 2018  by  Nydia O

The video at the visitors center at Mission San Jose in San Antonio concluded with an interesting dialogue between a child and her mother. The child states that the indigenous people who lived in the mission have all died, but the mother asks her to look in the mirror and she will see these people are […]

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Nana's Taqueria of Weslaco

The Tasty Side of Immigration

Posted  December 11, 2017  by  Nydia O

We celebrate Hispanic Heritage month from mid-September to mid-October, but let us think of those who came to the United States from Mexico in search of a better life and by doing so improved our own lives. The list I have compiled includes three of my favorite restaurants in Weslaco that share standards inspired by […]

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Chef Roberto with daughter Alejandra Gonzalez
Bite And Brew

Culinary Culture in Weslaco, Texas

Posted  December 11, 2017  by  Nydia O

The lower Rio Grande Valley spans roughly 75 miles between Brownsville and Mission, Texas. For visitors and locals who prefer “mom and pop” restaurants, the variety of options can be overwhelming.  For starters, and because of its central location, we focus on the town that was named after the W. E. Stewart Land Company; Weslaco. […]

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Cambria McAllen Showcases Local Talent

Posted  August 23, 2017  by  Nydia O

This article is the first of several others I will publish that resulted from a recent tour of hotel properties in McAllen, Texas. Please note that this is not a paid advertisement. The sole purpose of this article is to showcase new investments in the Rio Grande Valley’s hospitality industry. Choice Hotels has a new […]

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San Ygnacio Birding
Flora & Fauna

Birdwatching Along the Rio Grande River

Posted  April 15, 2017  by  Nydia O

I relish memories of a recent visit to San Ygnacio, Texas and their bird sanctuary. An upriver, arid, hilly brushland, or chaparral country as referred by some, which covers most of the coastal plains south of the Edwards Plateau, San Ygnacio has a quiet and peaceful aura as if separated from time and modern civilization. […]

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